Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Space Gods

Howdy do! :D

Whoopsie, it's been a bit since I last posted on here.

I've been pretty busy painting more commissions (YAY), which is serious fun, but a decent amount of work.

Recently I did a set of gods for a friend, and the last 4 I did were in a space-y style (similar to how Ephara looks in Ephara's Radiance, but honestly not intentional).  

It came about by my friend mentioning that he was hoping for a space-y background to Iroas (I love painting space stuff and this was right up my alley).  We were trying to think of ways to make it work, since Iroas' original art has him standing in the distance on a sunny day, so that adds a lot of diffusing to him and a completely different colour and light scheme than what would be necessary for a starry background.

So, I ended up darkening him, and adding more stars for the Nyx effect, and we both really liked how it turned out.  After that, I finished the other three gods in a similar style.

Here is how they turned out:

It was afterwards that I realised that it resembled the style of James Ryman's art on Ephara's Radiance (which is one of my favourite pieces!):

As you can see, James is LEAGUES ahead of me XD.  His work is beyond beautiful.  But sorry James, it truly wasn't intentional; I guess your awesome artwork stuck into my subconscious!

Right now I am working on another set of 4 gods, so I will post photos when I am done. :)

I hope to get better at painting space scenes, since our universe is truly beautiful and amazing!

Take care and toodleooooooooo!

-Ash ^_^

(Card names, characters, yadda yadda copywrite Wizards of the Coast.)


  1. Thats pretty cool!
    visit me soon on

  2. Ok...These are by far the coolest cards I have ever seen :D

    For one thing, they look like they all went into a super nyx form :D
    I also love how you used the colours mixed with the 'nyx' (which is pretty much just blue/purple with stars :P) to make it look like a blast of power surging through the card. This by far (in my opinion and from what I have seen) is your best work!!

    I'm jealous to the owner of these cards. I'll have to play against him in EDH just so I get to see these wonderful pieces of art again :)

    Great job!! Your have amazing talent and I can wait to see what you create next ;)

    1. Thank you so much!!! You are so kind! :'D I really appreciate how much you appreciate them!! I am actually working on 4 more right now (this time my own XD), and Ephara and Erebos will be in there.

      Painting space-y things makes me really happy, so knowing that there are people who like that art of mine is wonderful!

      And as for the owner, you'll have to do a round of EDH with Max as they were commissioned by him (I've now altered one of every god card for him!).

      Thank you again so much for your kind words!! ^_^

  3. These are such cool cards!

    1. :D!! Thank you so much, Lisa!! ^_^

  4. woahh super cool cards!! they look really nice and professional!! :D i miss your posts haha but don't worry~ commissions sound really fun!

  5. These alters are amazing!
    I sent you an email about commissioning you and hope it is possible. :]


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